Mission, Values,
And Vision

Mid-Cumberland Community Action Agency (MCCAA) is a non-profit group that has helped low-income families, individuals, and communities in middle Tennessee since 1971. MCCAA offers things like free food, help to pay energy bills, and Head Start/Early Head Start education. People in the community know and trust them for these essential services.


Mid-Cumberland Community Action Agency will act as a stepping stone to create stronger communities where families with low incomes have opportunities to connect, grow, and maintain dignity.



We are committed to being good stewards of the resources entrusted to us.


We work together towards the common goal of our mission


We listen, notice, and act on a strong desire to help and preserve dignity


We maintain strong principles, acting with honor and striving to uphold the agency’s code of conduct.


A world where families have the opportunity to grow, connect, and enjoy their highest quality of life.