Success Stories

Ashland City Stays Warm

     Cathy contacted me on a day that we were working remotely from home due to a snowstorm.  Cathy is an elderly lady who is disabled.  She is in a wheelchair, lacks transportation, and has is an impaired immune system.  Cathy has some very strong concerns about contracting Covid-19 due to being immunocompromised. The frigid temperatures made that fear of disconnect a major concern.

      She was unable to afford to pay her electric bill due to the cost of it rising in the winter months.  The disconnect date was scheduled for the first day that I would be back in the office.  I gave Cathy an emergency disconnect number that had been provided to me to try and prevent that disconnect.  Shortly after she had called and spoke with Katie she called me again to schedule an appointment.

     I wanted to be able to process her application as quickly as possible Monday morning considering our local electric company begins disconnecting promptly at 7:30 am.  I requested and received the majority of the information needed to process her application while working remotely.  We also entered all of her THO information via a phone call between the two of us that same day.

     When I entered the office Monday I printed off the documentation that I received and called Cathy to complete the application process.  We completed the application by phone appointment.  Cathy’s application was approved.  I sent the voucher to the electric company and we were able to prevent that disconnect from occurring.  Cathy expressed her gratitude and I, on behalf of Mid Cumberland Community Action Agency, was grateful to be able to serve her and our community.

"Thank you for helping me stay warm."

Tidings of Great Joy

Ester is a single, divorced grandmother raising her grandson. She came to the Wilson County office seeking rent and electric assistance. Ester lost her job due to job abandonment per the company.  She was sick and had no way to communicate with the company. The only way you can call out is through computer access. Also, during this time she had a family friend that passed away. Due to this and being sick, she lost her source of income.


MCCAA was able to help pay her electric bill and rent.  We provided her with a Christmas basket provided by the Omegas.


She found another job the next week and is working full time. She stated she was grateful that we could help her in her time of need.

"I'm so grateful that Mid-Cumberland could help me in my time of need."

Evicted No More

I have a lady living in Williamson County who received assistance with her rent through Mid-Cumberland.  I had also advised her to apply through THDA, and she did.  She does not have a computer and only used her older cell phone to take pictures of all the requested documents to submit to THDA.  She said it was a process and had to resubmit the same documents a couple of times and was patient while having to wait some time.  Then she received notice that she was approved by THDA for $8,000 to apply to her past-due rent and also three months of rent going forward.  Eight thousand dollars is a lot of money to receive rental assistance for.  To me, this was huge for her – it meant she didn’t feel threatened by an eviction process, could breathe, and stay in her home a little longer.  I have used this as an example to encourage others to apply through THDA for rental assistance.


I learned of housing opening up its Waiting List and called her to apply immediately, and she did.  She does not have transportation and walked to the office to get the process started – thankfully it is less than two miles.  She needed to get a copy of her birth certificate from the health department here and needed a document from GraceWorks, and I took her to both places to speed it up as she does not have transportation.  In getting everything together, she submitted her application for housing through the Franklin Housing Authority and hopefully is moving up the list.  She had told me she was homeless at one point and does not want that to happen again.  She is motivated and diligent in doing what she can to advocate for herself!!

"Thank you for helping me, I do not want to be homeless again."